We provide the communications resources you need and the assurance of knowing you are working with the highest caliber Consultants in the field.


The Academy, LLC was founded by Dr. Jessica Spector on the belief that the principles of successful argument and powerful writing can be taught in a clear, time-efficient manner. The techniques we teach are based on the precepts of logic and effective rhetoric, and are presented in a manner that is both accessible and fun.

Consultants at The Academy have a range of backgrounds, enabling us to tailor our services for your company. Our Consultants' backgrounds and qualifications include:

Whether you are interested in our seminars, or in retaining our services for individual writing and translation jobs, we have Consultants whose skills can be matched to your organization's needs.


Dr. Jessica Spector received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Chicago. Her professional writings are in ethics and the history of philosophy. She has taught philosophy at the University of Chicago and Trinity College, and brings over a decade of experience in writing and critical thinking instruction to The Academy.