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Plain Language

Plain language is language your audience understands.

"Using plain english assures the orderly and clear presentation of complex information so that investors have the best possible chance of understanding it."

— SEC Plain English Handbook, 1998

"The American Bar Association encourages the use of plain language in regulations. Plain language is a means of effective communication to promote understanding of legal obligations. However, the Federal government, in drafting plain language documents, should avoid unintended consequences that could frustrate its laudable goals."

— ABA Report and Resolution on Plain Language, 1999

The SEC's recent adoption of plain language standards, and the ABA's similar recommendations, have left many in the financial services industry and legal profession wondering how to comply with the new requirements while preserving the very specific meanings conveyed by technical language. Many professionals are rightly concerned that some translations into plain language suffer from a loss of accuracy.

This is why The Academy's plain language service differs from the services offered by simple copy writing and editorial firms. Translating into plain language involves more than just eloquent writing — it requires understanding of the financial profession and familiarity with the technical language of legal documents. Since The Academy's Consultants include licensed securities professionals and specialists in logic, we can offer a level of quality and assurance unavailable elsewhere. Whether your needs include internal memoranda, legal briefs, articles, or requests for funds, our plain language editorial and writing services help make your written materials clear and compelling.

In addition to our plain language editorial and writing services, we offer seminars on implementing plain language principles and using them to strengthen your market position. These seminars are a time and cost efficient way of ensuring that your firm's members are all on the same page and in compliance with the new standards.

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