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Programs and Services

Comprehensive Editorial Review:

Our editorial service offers an advanced level document review that utilizes our experience in philosophy and communications to ensure accuracy, intelligibility, and logical coherence. Through consultation, copy editing, and perfection of prose, we help you make the most effective use of your written materials, while preserving your voice and purity of message.

Development of Rhetorical Strategy:

We tailor a strategy that maximizes the impact of your communications. Customized services include development of content for marketing pieces, mission statements, client proposals, and other internal and external documents that require a clear, compelling message.

Plain Language Writing, Editing, and Instruction:

The SEC and ABA have adopted new standards for plain language disclosure. From document review and revision to instruction in plain language principles, our range of services ensures that your documents comply with new industry standards for clear writing.

Seminars on Writing and Presentation:

Our seminars provide instruction in the principles of advanced professional writing and presentation. Topics include the architecture of effective argument, persuasive communication techniques, and the development of thematic coherence.


The Academy's Consultants work in a wide variety of languages. Our fast translation service assures your ability to reach your target markets most effectively. Our Consultants also specialize in a range of dialects, enabling you to focus your efforts on a particular sub-set of a market, or to pitch your materials more broadly.


Editorial services are priced by the hour.
Seminars are priced per diem.
Translation services are priced by document length.
Prices for combined service packages are also available.

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